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Buckets for Bob draws huge support from Gouverneur community

Dan McClelland

Buckets for Bob draws huge support from Gouverneur community
by Jessyca Cardinell
The tight knit community of Gouverneur came out to the Gouverneur High School April 8 in remembrance and recognition of the late Robert Garofalo, a much loved and respected teacher and community member, working in the Gouverneur Central School system from 1972-2012 and who passed suddenly in January of this year.
There were many activities throughout the day for everyone to participate in and enjoy. Any and all proceeds from the day went directly to the Wildcat Alumni Booster Foundation which supports scholarships in Mr. Garofalo's name.
The day started with a heart pumping Rip It fitness work-out organized by Amber Ormasen. A co-ed basketball clinic was held for third through sixth grades under the direction of Frank Bush,  Charles Newvine and Mr. Justin Young. Master Frank Palumbo and close friend of the Garofalos offered a mother and daughter personal safety and defense course.
The last event of the day was the Co-Ed Buckets for Bob alumni basketball game which drew a huge crowd of community spectators. The game offered Gouverneur Central alumni a terrific opportunity to relive their glory days on the court as well as help a great cause. Blue Jersey Odd Balls, were the odd year graduates against White Jersey Even Stevens, the even year graduates. Each team was equipped with their own coach, Coach John Mossing and George Gordon.
As the game was getting prepared to start, Gouverneur Central senior Bailey Soper beautifully sang the National Anthem, accompanied by Eric Hatch on guitar.
The Garofalo family warmly welcomed everyone who was attending the game and supporting something very close to Bob's heart.
“If Bob were here with us right now he'd say something irrelevant to make you laugh. On behalf of all the Garofalos I'd like to thank you all very much for all of this,” said Charlotte Garofalo, wife of the late Bob Garofalo.
Their son Nick also took a moment to thank everyone for attending and ended with a simple, “Let's play some basketball!”
The Buckets for Bob basketball game offered great lighthearted competitive fun to see who would gain the bragging rights.
Steve Besaw, Wall of Fame chairman, was the candid upbeat announcer, keeping everyone on their toes and laughing. Jan Holman and Nick Costa ran the clock.
Out on the court with the basketball players were the referees Coach Tim Knowlton and Teresa Minckler, making all the calls and ensuring the game was played fair.
On the sidelines were the alumni cheerleaders, cheering on the players, just had they had done years prior.
Gouverneur Central student Taylor Ormasen was the Wildcat mascot and got the audience up and moving to some songs throughout the night.
Bonnie Walker was at the door selling tickets based on donations, along side her granddaughter Bella Moran. Lauren French, GCS
Superintendent of Schools, along with several students, sold refreshments and snacks at the door. There was a table set up with a wonderful variety of items which had been donated for the silent auction. A 50/50 raffle was going on as well for the chance one lucky person would win big.
By halftime, it was neck and neck as the blue jersey Odd Balls were leading with a score of 47, against the white jersey Even Stevens at 45.
The alumni cheerleaders took the floor to start the half-time events, by performing a cheer and stunt for the audience.
Next on the half-time lineup was a free shot contest, sponsored by Newvine Auto Parts of Gouverneur. All audience members were called out on the court to pay a dollar and see if they could make a basket. Everyone who made the shot was able to pick a prize out of a box filled with basketballs, hats and other items. Basketball players and cheerleaders gave the littlest tots a boost so they could get a nice slam dunk.
Debra Andrews was declared the winner of the 50/50 raffle and won $153 which she humbly donated back to the event.
After having a break from the game, the players came back to the court ready for more. The game came back more heated and blue jersey Odd Balls took the win over the white jersey Even Stevens. The final score of this big hearted game was an astounding 97 odd balls to 94 Even Stevens.
Ending the game, the players lined up to shake hands, as in all sports events. Steve Besaw announced that Buckets for Bob would be held annually on the second Saturday of April and for everyone to mark their calendars for next year.
Fantastic job to all organizers of this event including Lauren French, superintendent of schools, Amber Ormasen, Frank Bush, Charles Newvine, Justin Young, Frank Palumbo, Steve Besaw, Mrs. Bonnie Walker,  Michael Young and Coach Sean Devlin and Alicia Porter.
Outstanding job to all those who took time to help with this event, the basketball players, cheerleaders, referees and announcers.
The Alumni Basketball player lineup was as follows:
For the White Jersey Even Stevens: #3 Justin Young-2002 graduate, #3 Marco Carbone-2010 graduate, #3 Richelle Larsen-2008 graduate, #10 Jordan Porter-2004 graduate, #10 Shannon Colton-1994 graduate, #11 Britney Gardner-2006 graduate, #11 Rick Vrooman-1976 graduate, #12 Jake Weldon-1996 graduate, #14 Henry LaQuier-1980 graduate, #20 Storm Blackburn-2010 graduate, #21 Sarah Fitzgerald-2004 graduate, #22 Catie Andrews-2016 graduate, #22 Andy Netto-1992 graduate, #25 Lucas Bulsiewicz- 2012 graduate, #25 Danielle Bullock- 2014 graduate, #30 Brian Porter- 1992 graduate, #31 Kevin Currier- 1994 graduate, #40 Brad Gotham- 1984 graduate, #41 Shannon Knowlton- 2016 graduate, #42 Cierra Currier- 2014 graduate, #43 Frank Bush- 1978 graduate, #44 Jory Gotham- 2010 graduate, #44 Alex Bush- 2010 graduate, #44 Sean Devlin- 1994 graduate.
For the Blue Jersey-Odd Balls:
#2 Cameron LaPlante- 2011 graduate, #4 Terri Gotham- 1985 graduate, #5 Mike Young- 1997 graduate, #5 Richard McIntosh- 2011 graduate, #10 Matt Wood- 2003 graduate, #12 TJ Gore- 2011 graduate, #12 Nick Sterling- 2009 graduate, #13 Emily Bush- 2015 graduate, #14 Kirsten Roberts- 2013 graduate, #23 Tyler Davis- 2009 graduate, #23 Nick Ormasen- 1999 graduate, #24 Angie Hadfield- 2003 graduate, #30 Bryant Durham- 2009 graduate, #30 Josh Horton- 2015 graduate, #31 Ed Easton- 1979 graduate, #32 Patti Rumble- 1997 graduate, #33 Josh Stowell- 1991 graduate, #33 Matt Spencer- 2011 graduate, #33 Jordan Chambers- 2011 graduate, #35 Jared Knowlton- 2011 graduate, #35 Rachael Knowlton- 2013 graduate, #44 Dylan Klock- 2001 graduate.
Donators who went above and beyond were all recognized as follows: From the
The Great Garfoni-donating $100 or more: Dayle and Michael Burgess, John and Mary Dixon, Lauren and Ray French, David and Janice Herheim, the Michael Lawler Family, John and Nancy Mossing, Robert and Carrie Porter, Judith Poticher, Strandz-Jamie Tupper.
Questions, Comments or Snide Remarks- $75 donation: Nathan French and Narath Un, Roberta McIntyre Brown, James and Shannon Mattice.
The Great Gatsby Club- $50 donation: Joseph and Evelyn Barton, Pam Pascoe Cima
Jonathon French and Patrice Paolucci, Jim and Dianne Girard, Tonya House and family, William Lacy, Joanne Lahtinen, Doris Monaco, Mark and Sheree Scott, Bonnie and Stewart Walker.
I Teed Off With Bob- $25 donation: Nona Hilts, Sandy Hilts, Patricia McCarthy.
Sponsors for the Buckets for Bob: Michael Young- T-shirts, Kinney Drugs- Concession Stand Items, GTA- Gift Certificates to local businesses, Frank Bush- Gouverneur Country Club Raffle items, Sean Devlin- Brian Leonard Collectables, Robert Decker- Art, Charles Newvine- gift items, Cedar Ridge Cottage- weekend package, Master Frank Palumbo- Karate Lessons, Arnold Roberts- Art, Ranisa Young- Wellness Gift Basket, Danelle Foster- Art, Paula Towne provided art for posters, T-shirts and programs.
The Wildcat Alumni Foundation reported on Facebook on April 10 that they made the initial deposit for $4,874 in the name of late Robert A. Garofalo.