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Local News

Benefit to be held at VFW on Jan. 27 for local man Todd Sears Sr.

Dan McClelland

by Jessyca Cardinell

A benefit for local Richville man Todd Sears Sr., will be held January 27 at the Gouverneur VFW starting at 4p.m.

FRONT _ Benefit to be held at VFW on Jan. 27 for local man Todd Sears Sr..jpg

Mr. Sears was diagnosed with kidney failure on October 28, 2016 leaving his family feeling devastated at the news.
As Mr. Sears was in search of a kidney for a kidney transplant, three amazing women stepped forward to be tested to see if they would be a match and able to provide the life saving kidney. Todd's wife Tammy and friends of the family Cindy Ferry and Melissa Byrns Hall.
“We were so amazed and appreciative that these two women were willing to be a donor for Todd, it truly means the world,” said Tammy, who stated she would do anything for her husband.
All three women went to Syracuse together for the extensive testing and Mr. Sears will be receiving a kidney from family friend Melissa Byrns Hall, who proved to be the best match.
“Her generosity is outstanding. We are so thankful for her doing this. Anyone and everyone should become a donor if they can. It is a really awesome gift to be able to give someone.” said Mrs. Sears.
While there is a donor with a good kidney waiting to help Mr. Sears, the transplant has not gone so smoothly.
“It's been really hard on Todd and on everyone really, as well as stressful. His transplant has been canceled three times now due to various reasons including insurance, a pneumonia diagnosis and high heart rate which put him at risk of stroke or heart attack.” said Todd's wife Tammy Sears, who stated the latest date for the transplant is to be February 6.
When it comes to the community's response Mrs. Sears stated how great everyone has been, including her Cives Steel coworkers.
“My work has truly been wonderful, I've had to take so much time off and you couldn't ask for a better group of guys. They really care and are always asking how Todd is doing.” said Mrs. Sears.
She stated Todd's mother has been a huge help, along with many friends and family members. Todd and Tammy especially wanted to thank their children Tasha Bogrette and Todd Sears Jr. and his wife Shawna, along with Nancy Carpenter, Tanya Sears, Sally Sears, Jen Shippee, Lila Youngs and Mike Yette. These are some of the contributors who drove around asking for donations for Todd.
The Sears' have enjoyed a great help from their grandsons Ayden and Ashten Sears and Hentry Bogrette, who contributed in many areas including helping to keep the driveway shoveled
The benefit held at the VFW will be put on by the Richville Ladies Auxiliary and the pork roast dinner from 4-6p.m. by the Richville Firemen, including Chief Mark Shippee, who's put in a great effort in helping. There will be a variety of raffles and a silent auction. Common Ground will be the featured band of the evening starting at 7p.m.
The benefit will help pay for the extensive amount of travel Mr. Sears and his family must undergo for doctor's appointments to the Renal Center in Syracuse.
“If everything goes well with the surgery we will be going to Syracuse at least twice a week. If anything doesn't go well it could be more time or even staying in Syracuse. After awhile we will have to go once a week, then once a month and after a lengthy period every six months.” said Mrs. Sears.
Through all the hard times, the Sears family has proven to be strong and bonded together.
“Todd has been told he's all done working now, at age 50, that's very hard on him. What gets us through and keeps us going is our love for each other. I would do anything for Todd. We've been married thirty-two years now and this is the hardest thing we've had to deal with. Another big part in getting through this is our kids, their spouses and our grandchildren. We were close to begin with but we are closer than ever now.” said Mrs. Sears, of this emotionally and physically challenging time.
Best of luck to Mr. Sears as he goes for what will hopefully be his kidney transplant on February 6 at Upstate Transplant in Syracuse.